Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ticking Clocks and Rising Locks

Two weeks from today, I'll wake up in my bedroom at home for the first time with Barrage in my past. (There it is, that looming sense of irreversible change!) Granted, there will be some corporate gigs and one-off events randomly in the summer and fall, but for all intents and purposes, I'll no longer be with my dream job.

I'm still a little bit scared/sad/anxious, but am mostly feeling excited about what the future holds. It's been an incredible four years.

But, I'll save the reflection for later. There are better things to share right now!

These past ten days on the road have been pretty unexpectedly awesome.

We've had some mind-blowingly beautiful drives. So beautiful that it hurts. I've sincerely felt this aching sensation to freeze time and attempt to memorize every last detail of the landscape in front of me. Perhaps that's melodramatic -- okay, objectively, I'll give you that -- but I do feel like it's a fairly accurate description. These photos of drives through Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho do no justice:

This one is definitely from Wyoming.
Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
And then, as an added plus, I've had run-ins and day-long excursions with friends all over the state of Washington!

With Jenny in Spokane!
With JJ and Jenna, who drove up to spend the day in Yakima, WA!
Taqueria Los Primos in Yakima. Just as good as the best Mexican food I've found in Arizona!
Now this is what tacos should look like.
After talking with Audra and Whitney, two ASU friends who drove from Seattle to the show in Puyallup (pronounced pew-AL-up, with "AL" sounding like the man's name), we realized that my day off yesterday lined up with their day off. 

Perfect timing!

Touch pools at the Seattle Aquarium.
The diver fed the fish...
...and I high-fived him through the glass!
The octopus gives a really great hug.
If a jellyfish had a face, I think it'd look like this.
With Audra and Whitney outside the aquarium on a beautiful day in Seattle!
Latte art: a skull with crazy hair (?).
At the locks.
Starting with this photo, how a lock works in pictures.
(In real time, this probably took 15 minutes.)
Weirdly, life on the road is getting better than ever. With the end in sight, we're even more relaxed and it feels like we've all subconsciously committed to having a great time all the time.

Funny how a little tweak in perspective can change so much.

Two more weeks. Ten more shows. Good times ahead.

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Josephine said...

So soon! Since I've spent some part of nearly every summer in my life in Idaho, I'm glad you found and enjoyed some of its pretty parts. Also, I am biased, but I think the NW corner of Wyoming is one of the best spots in the world. And I'm totally bummed I missed that hugging octopus.